At BTRSS, we work to ensure our dogs and families are well-matched.  We do not have a facility or shelter, so all of our dogs are housed in loving volunteer foster homes throughout the state of Florida (but the majority are located in South Florida). While our dogs are in their foster homes, this gives us the opportunity to get to know their personality & temperament so we know what type of home would be best-suited for them.  Our priority is to find the "best fit" home for each dog, and that is why we use a specific process for matching our dogs with their potential adopters.  


  • If you come across an adopt-a-bull who pulls at your heartstrings, or if you just want to adopt any bullie, the first step is to fill out an ADOPTION APPLICATION ONLINE HERE.

  • Once we receive your application, our president will review it and will be in touch with you if we have a dog we feel would be a good fit for your family, or if we feel that the specific dog you are applying for would be a good fit for you.

  • Next, we will follow up with your references & current vet.

  • After that, we set up a homecheck where a representative from the rescue will come to visit your home to ensure that it is "bullie proof".  This also gives us the opportunity to meet with everyone living in the home, including other pets.

  • If you are approved, we will coordinate transportation arrangements so that your dog can finally be HOME WITH YOU!

  • Please note that there is an adoption fee of (average) $400, which is due before or upon receipt of your dog.  We accept checks or payment via our PayPal account HERE

  • At any time during the process, if you have any questions or concerns, or would like to arrange a "meet and greet" before fully committing to adopting a dog, please contact us at any time:  Phone: 561-719-7378 || Email:


We could not keep rescuing without the help & support of our volunteers, foster homes, transport team & the many supporters who donate toward the vet bills of our dogs.  We take in many dogs who require thousands of dollars in vetting & surgery prior to adoption, so our adoption fees are in place to help cover at least some of our vet bills.

Please remember that adopting a Bull Terrier is a SERIOUS commitment. Your newly adopted bull terrier will take several weeks to months to settle into their new environment. Bull terriers can be expensive to care for and require lots of love and attention. Please, seriously consider your decision to adopt. Sadly, some bull terriers are returned to our rescue. This breed is not a dog for everyone. We highly suggest that you plan to participate in a training course with your bull terrier so that the adoption experience is a positive and lasting one for your family and the bull terrier you have chosen to adopt.

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We are a charitable 501c3 tax-exempt non-profit organization.

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