I understand that I will provide foster care for the above mentioned dog from Bull Terrier Rescue of the Sunshine State (BTRSS) at no charge, and I agree to the following conditions during the foster care period:


1. I will accept and consider the dog as a household companion, not as an outside pet, and will provide the dog with a safe environment, humane treatment, and give proper food, fresh water, shelter and exercise, and I will allow a reasonable amount of time for the dog to adjust to new surroundings.


2. BTRSS will cover veterinary expenses for the dog, provided that the veterinary care is approved by the BTRSS director and performed by a BTRSS authorized veterinarian. BTRSS will not reimburse for any medical care unless it is preapproved by the BTRSS director and performed by a BTRSS authorized veterinarian.


3. I will immediately notify BTRSS at 561-719-7378 if the dog is lost or stolen, and I will make every reasonable effort to recover the dog.


4. I will NOT give or sell the dog to another person, relative, or any other individual, or any rescue group, humane association, shelter or pound, or any medical or experimental laboratory or any organization.


5. I will NOT alter the dog’s appearance in any way, shape or form (i.e. cropping, docking) except for routine grooming.


6. I will immediately notify BTRSS in the event of the dog’s death during the foster care period.


7. I will allow a BTRSS representative to make periodic visits to my home during the foster care period.


8. I will immediately notify BTRSS of any change in address or telephone number, or of any plans to move or travel with or without the dog.


9. I will immediately notify BTRSS of any change in circumstances that may prevent me from providing foster care during the time period agreed upon under this foster care agreement.


10. I will immediately return the dog in good condition to BTRSS if at any point and for any reason, BTRSS requests that I surrender the dog.


11. Should I decide to permanently adopt the dog, I will notify BTRSS and, upon approval, will follow established adoption procedures.


12. I understand that the dog has been checked, spayed/neutered and vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian, and that the dog’s health is accurately represented to the best knowledge of BTRSSHowever, I further understand that no representations are made by BTRSS as to the physical, temperamental or mental disposition of the dog.


13. I agree to foster the dog at my own risk, and indemnify and release BTRSS, its officers, directors, and volunteers of any and all liability arising from damages to person(s) or property caused by the dog.

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